Monday, January 13, 2014

Lost in my WIP!

In a previous post I mentioned that we were expecting a baby. So today I would like to show you my current project for my baby. 

This is by no means a bragging post but a post about how much I need to be more organized and a call to action to myself. I'll show you a pick here:

So this is my baby blanket that I am working on. Now, the only problem is I can't remember what pattern I chose or what hook I was using.  Now my blanket is "doing the wave" as I continue to work on it. I do know that I got really tired of cutting off and having my tails all hanging around waiting for me to finally get them tucked in. You can't tell in these pictures but I attempted to carry my yarn to the next row but was not very successful!

So what is all my crying about? Well it's really about a post from winkieflash @ creative and what she uses to keep her projects in working order. She created a tag that you can tie to your project that includes a project name, yarn being used, hook size, who the project is for, and room for notes like date you started the project. If you would like to look at her tags click on her name above and you can even print out a copy of her tags with her own design.

I will be giving this a serious try in the next few days and will even have a tutorial on how to make your own. This is one of my Crochet New Years Resolutions for 2014. So if you are interested in learning subscribe to my blog to receive a notifications of when I write this post. 

Until next time,  Happy Crocheting!