Saturday, August 24, 2013

No mistakes just great opportunities!

So I joined a group on Facebook called "Hookahs Day Out" and we challenge ourselves to create crocheted items or stitches that we have never done before. So our first project we used a stitch called "picot" stitch and we followed this video
by New Stitch a Day on YouTube  on how to do that. Here is a picture of a before and after steam blocking.

The challenging part of this pattern was  that we found this image on the web but no pattern. Well not until later that is. I searched with google image search to find out where it originated from and I found it on a picasa web album. So off we went to recreate this shawl.

I made a few videos explaining the process to some of the members so they would not feel so intimidated by the whole thing. I was doing great on my shawl or so I thought and when I finally finished I discovered that my shawl just didn't lay correctly. I tried it several different ways but no go. Finally I was about to frog it when I realized that I could actually turn the shawl into a shrug. This is how it came out.

 Needless to say I was very happy with it. I did how ever have to make a second one because I could not give this one away.

So, now we move on to our next project, a skirt! I have never done one before but I am very excited to get it done and try it on. If you would like to join our group visit us on facebook at Hookah Day Out.