Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shell Stitch Tutorial and Variations

I just finished uploading a new video for a shell bracelet and I wanted to include it in my blog for a couple of reasons. One is that I don't know if everyone following my blog is actually subscribed to my channel on YouTube and second because I wanted to put in a few new ideas in every ones head about how you can use video tutorial.

Well I know that this video tutorial is for a bracelet but it can be used for other projects as well. Now I have seen several comments from other crafter /crocheters that they don't like crocheting with thread because maybe it's too thin for their liking. Here is my idea, you can use ANYTHING to crochet with. I so encourage you to think outside the box. For my patterns and anyonelse's pattern you can adjust it simply by changing your hook, yarn, or your final end project. If you like the pattern then use it but make it your own.

You can use the same stitch pattern to create the following items :

1. lariat - Just follow the pattern but exclude the ties at the beginning and only crochet 2 chains to begin your pattern. Now for this I would suggest a thinner yarn (like #1, #2, or a 3 ply)  You can make it as long as you would like and then wrap around your neck and enjoy. Remember if you want a skinnier lariat use thinner yarn, for something thicker use a heavier yarn.

2. belt - for this project you can start it like the lariat and then crochet to fit around your waist. Also make sure to crochet enough of the pattern to use as a belt tail. You will have to use 2 D hoops (the kind of hoops that look like a D and are used for belts.) These D hoops can be found at Walmart, or your local craft stores.

3. Scarf - Here is were it gets interesting. You can choose two different styles to crochet. If you choose a thinner yarn (like a 4 ply yarn) you can crochet a very long scarf  and can probably get away with using it during the summer as an accent piece. If you go with something thicker (like a #5 or #6) then you can make a much thicker scarf perfect for those very cold snowy days.

4. Shawl - Ok now you may be thinking how will I get a shawl out of this. Well there are two ways that I see it being made. One would be just to crochet it with a  P or Q hook and use a very chunky yarn. You can even use several 4 ply yarns together and crochet them to your desired length. Second you can do as above  with the P or Q hook but instead of crocheting it with a lot of length crochet it short just enough to wrap around your  shoulders. If you find the pattern doesn't come down far enough for your taste that crochet another strip and stitch the two strips together.

Hope this post has been informative for you and if you have any questions please send me a message and I will be glad to answer them.