Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My crochet new years resolutions.

So today is the end of the first week of the new year and I have yet to post anywhere My crochet new years resolutions. So I thought that here on my blog would be a great place to start. The following is my list of crochet resolutions.
1. - Blog at least twice a month
2. - Keep journal of Blog topics
3. - Keep posting Cast Off Crew Videos once a week
4. - Come up with at least 6 new patterns.
5. - Finish doing the 27 stitch tutorial videos series.
6. - Stay current on Linky Blogs.
7. - Promote my business through Facebook and other social media.
8. - Revamp Website.
9. - Keep a journal of projects you want to work on with picture and yarn ideas
10. - Start my Etsy shop
11. - Do more Craft Fairs
12. - Organize pics of crochet items 13. - Start/join a crochet group near you.
14. - Make project tags for new projects that you start.
15. - Organize yarn
16. - Organize crochet and knitting tools
17. - Come up with new earring tutorials
18. - Start a free crochet class at the local library!
19. - Organize ravelry page and use more consistently.
Some of them I feel are a little overwhelming but I feel energized by the thought of actually trying to focus on my passion. So my question to you is: Did you write down your Crochet Resolutions for this year? If you have I encourage you to share your list by commenting down below. If you have not, why not start now. Even if you don't have a full list, pick 3 or 4 (or more) things that you would like to accomplish this year and share them with me!