Monday, January 6, 2014

Color My Way

For most of you who are surfing the web you probably already know about Pinterest. You enjoy seeing crocheted creations that have lots of color, but do you ever wonder how they come about deciding what colors to choose. I  do! This is one of my biggest stumbling blocks. I love color but when it come to deciding what color combos will look good together I go blank. So I started looking up color combos. I found this site were they have color combo cards made out. Here is a link to here you can sign up for a free account, click on a particular color and have many choices of color combo cards to choose from, and even search their color combo library. They also have an option to download a pdf of all the color cards in your particular choice. Here is a pic of their webpage.

This is not the only options here are a couple more:

 Adobe Kuler,  Color Scheme Designer

With you have the option to really customize your color choice to match any swatch. You also have the option to choose if you want to see it in Analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, and shades. You can really have fun and experiment with color here. is another site to play with color and color combinations. This site is somewhat a little more technical than others, but still pretty fun.

Two of my overall favorites are and is not only beautiful but inspirational and I could be there all day pining away all the color combos I find. On this site you can easily pin any color combo that you come across to your pinterest board. Here is a pic.

Another similar site to designseeds is Here you also have chip boards but the beauty of it all is that you can pick from any image on the web, your computer, or picture you may have on hand. All you have to do is scan in the picture and upload it. It is awesome to create this chip boards. Go on take a look and create some. Here are some of my chipboards I have created.

Well I will stop for now and let you get started on creating color combos. Good Luck!