Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby On The Brain! ;)

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to show you some of my baby projects that I have worked on in the past and recently. As you may or may not know, I am expecting a baby girl come late March/early April, and I have crocheted baby items on the brain. Don't worry I won't be posting any pregnancy updates or baby pictures(that is until the baby arrives). I do however feel that a lot of crocheters tend to crochet based on what is going on in their lives, or because of the people who surround them. So today I will be showing you some of my work that I crocheted in 2013 and some of the work for this year. The first couple of pieces I want to show you are some baby sets I made back in the summer of 2013. These were made because I just thought they were so darn cute and I was helping out a friend with her shop and she would let me display items there to sell. 

This is a minion baby set that I crocheted for a customer. It was so fun but the diaper was a bit difficult because I was trying to adjust a pattern to fit an older baby per the customer's request.

This two mickey mouse baby sets were made without a pattern. I just crocheted and adjusted as I went. Yes they are different sizes but that was on purpose because the customer wanted them that way.


These five lovely sets were so much fun and supper easy. The pamper covers for all five were made using a free pattern from horsetownhooker on and the flower on the pink set was from The shoes on the teal and lime green set is a free pattern by Myshelle Cole on The baby shoes in blue were made using a free pattern from Ravelry.comAll baby beanies were all made with no pattern, just your basic beanie measurements that I tried to follow from this web page.

I also made these converse, and yellow flower booties. The converse baby shoes were a little tricky because I didn't have sport weight or thinner yarn but overall they were fairly easy to crochet.

 This baby aviator hat I made with no pattern  because it looked like a very easy hat that I could make. All I did was look at a picture on the web and mimic the look of it. I think the hardest part was picking out the right buttons. 

The baby capelet was a dream to crochet. It was a last minute gift for a family member and I'm glad I tried it. It had been on my bucket list to do for such a long time. The only down side for all of you is that this pattern is not offered anymore from Annie's Scrap Crochet Club. They closed the club down because not enough people were signed up. However I did find a seller on ebay that was selling the physical pattern page that came in the monthly kit. 

Finally I want to show you my newest creation. A baby coat/pinafore. It is from a free vintage pattern found on I altered it because I didn't want the long sleeves or the picot edging. I also have not yet finish this set because I plan to add a hat and booties.

I am still debating if I should use a button or ribbon to close it, or should I leave it like it is? Hope you enjoyed this blog and I will talk to you guys next time.