Friday, January 10, 2014

My mood blanket(s) 2014

So one of my things to do on my Bucket List this year is to get into making Blankets/Lapghans/Afghans. So when I came across this post  I was really excited and found it fairly manageable. You can also join the facebook fan page and post your pics. There are over 2200 members as of the last count.
Original pic from IG mummy_stacey
In this year-round challenge you get to choose if you want to make a block/square per day to end up with 365 blocks, or if you want to make one block per week to end up with 52 blocks. I thought "hey I can do that". I started to maybe make a blanket for the living room, then I changed my mind and thought I should make one for my daughter, then I remembered that I had twin girls. I decided to make two blankets at a time. 

So this is week two and this is my progress on these blankets. I went with the traditional granny square because I came across some photos on the web and they looked amazing. I started out by crocheting 3 rows and boy were they fast. Then I started thinking about a post I read were someone suggested making the squares bigger so that you end up with a bigger blanket. So I did. I crocheted two more rows to the squares I had already done but was amazed at how huge they were. I then went ahead and took a measurement. The bigger squares now measured 8". 
I still have to add a boarder to all the squares and join them,  but I'm still debating whether to do it in Beige, Off White, or  White. I also had to choose in what way I could join them. I have not decided yet.
I would like to know what you think would be the best way to join these lovely? Leave your comment below and let me know which technique you prefer to use for joining and what color I should use. Until next time!