Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Tags, Need Them, Create Them, Use Them!

Today I want to talk about project tags. What are Project Tags? They are something like a card you can holepunch and attach to your UFOs (unfinished objects) so you can remember all there is to know about that particular project. 

So in a previous post I mentioned that I had started a blanket but could not remember what stitch or hook I was using before I put it down. In this post I will talk about what I did to take care of this problem.

I made some Project Tags! Here is a picture of what they looked like:

So if you like these her is what you need to create your own. You need some paper, printer, and a program to print out your layout. I just used what I had on hand and I had quite a few choices. I had perforated business cards that I got from a garage sale. I had plain white card stock pad and scrap booking paper pad from Walmart. I also had a few sheets of Avery perforated business cards that are the ones pictured above.

Next I decided that I would use the template & software.

If you want to use 8 x 10 or 8 x 11 scrap booking paper or card stock you can but just keep in mind that you will have to cut them out by hand or with a paper trimmer.

Here you can type in your Avery template number and you will be taken to the template generator so that you can start your card.

This was the Avery product I had on hand 8373. I knew the number because each sheet of cards has the number printed on them. Here you select if you want to print double sided or one sided as well as tall or wide. If you don't have an Avery product on hand and just want to print them out on regular card stock, scrap booking paper, or typing paper you can. If you do use a Non-Avery paper then you are also free to choose a different size tag. As you can tell by the product list on the left, you have a lot of choices.
Next you will be taken to the next step in the process. Here you can select your design. You are free to start from scratch or if you want a quick way out then choose one of pre-designed forms. The choice is up to you. If you don't want to spend to much time creating them I suggest using a pre-made design. Don't worry they are not all boring like the ones you see here. There are some cute ones as well you just have to scroll down further to see them. 

The last and most important step is to customize your design. If you look at the left column you will see you have options to add text, images, shapes, QR and Barcodes, and even Sequential Numbers just in case you want to prioritize your UFO.

I do have to mention that on my tags I did leave off a few important things. I will need to add a line for deadline. This will come in handy if I have an order or if I joined a group and they have given me a deadline.
I will also have to add another line for Notes and another for website. 

I know that there are a number of other ways to make your own tags including the template maker on windows. I encourage you to take a look and see what you can create. I will also will try to upload a video doing this step by step so that you are able to follow along. If you create you own tag, leave me a link to your picture so that I can admire your handy work. 

Register through email, blogloving, or add me to your google+ or visit my facebook to get notified of when I post. Next topic will be on how to create your own graphic so that you can use it on your business cards, project tags, or any other place you need a graphic.