Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summer Crochet Inspiration

So today I was scrolling through Facebook and someone asked what would be some good items to crochet for summer. Well that started me thinking and I started surfing on the web to find some pics for her and decided to make a blog post about it since I know that she is not the only one needing some inspiration.
The other reason for this blog is to link the pictures to the actual pattern site.  Here is what I found -

#1 Two Tone Shrug 

#2 Gladiator Sandals 

#3Blue Filet Netting House Shoes 

#4Summer hat 

#5Tshirt yarn necklace - video showing how to do the finger knitting/weave 

#6Floppy Sun Hat 

#7Tank Top Set - could not find pattern I will try to write out the pattern.

#8Flower Lariat - something similar but can be adapted 

I will try to post more by this weekend. Stay tuned, and have fun crocheting!

Here is the second part as promised and this is only scratching the surface. Hope you guys enjoy making these wonderful items because there are some beauts in here. Good Luck and Happy Crocheting!

#11 - Baby Summer Dress

#12 - Granny Bunting Garland
#13 - Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet

#14 - Crochet Beaded Bracelet
#15 - Crochet Lace Circular Vest - No pattern found

#16 - Links and Loops Shrug 

#17 - Little Girls Purse

#18 - Summer Shrug