Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crochet Earring Hoops Pattern

Today I came across another web site called 
"The Yarn Box" and enrolled. I then notice that you could add your own patterns. I unfortunately had not written up any pattern of any of my original work. So here it is! I decided to write this up for you and to get me into the groove of writing my patterns down. 

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Crochet Hoop Earrings

Materials Needed:

1.5 crochet hook
Crochet cotton thread
Hoop earrings (any size)
(for this pattern I am using a 1 ½” hoop)
needle for tucking in tails
bead of your choice(optional)

Pattern Notes:
You can preload all your beads onto
your thread if you are working off of a spool, or you can cut your thread using 10 yards for each earring and then wait to load your beads when you need them.

Stitches used
CH - Chain Stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dc - double crochet
ESc - Elongated single Crochet

Base Row
This row is worked around the hoop earring
Make a slip knot and place behind hoop. Bring you hook through the front of the hoop. Grab the slip knot through the center of the hoop and round the hoop to make a sc. Continue making sc around the hoop making sure to work over your tail, till the end.
The number of stitches very depending on how big your hoop is. You can use the following as a guide, but please feel free to add or subtract stitches as you need:

for a 1 ½” Hoop - between 50 - 60 stitches
for a 2” Hoop - between 70 - 90 stitches
for a 3” Hoop - between 120-130 stitches

Take care not to make too many as they may fall off of your earring hoop.

Turning Your work

only on this row
you will need to also turn your stitches to face the inside of the hoop.

Do this every time you finish a row:
At the end of the row pull on the loop that is on your crochet hook until it measures 1” or more. Take your hook out of the loop and place it down. turn your earring around to the other side. Make sure your earring clasp is open and pass your working thread to the back of the hoop. Place your hook on your loop again and close up the loop. You can now continue working your new row.

Row 2
ch 3, skip 2 stitches and dc into the 3rd stitch on the hoop, *skip 2
stitches and dc into the next stitch on the hoop. repeat from * until the end of the row. turn your work

NOTE - Your stitches should be taught not wavy or loose.
If they are loose then you need to reduce the amount of stitches on this row by skipping more stitches.

Row 3
ch 1, sc in between each dc space. do this all the way across row. turn your work.

Row 4 (Beads added here optional)
with no beads
Ch 1, *skip 1 stitch from previous row, sc into next stitch. Repeat from * across.
NOTE - your stitches will start to look stretched out, this is what you want them to do.

with beads
ch 1, *skip one stitch, move one bead close to your hook keeping it to the back of your work  and sc into the next stitch. skip 1 stitch and sc into the next stitch. Repeat from * until all your beads are in place and until the end of the row. turn your work

Row 5

ch 1, *skip 1 stitch, sc into next stitch. Repeat across. finish off.

weave tail into 2nd row or pattern.

If you see flaws or mistakes in the pattern please leave a comment or email me and I will correct the mistakes.

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  1. This is a very pretty!!! Great work! I found you from the Hookin on Hump Day! :)


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